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Karina Zajac

Contemporary Artist

Karina Zajac is an contemporary artist based in London with international connections. She describes herself as an acrylic portrait artist who seeks to surprise and delight with emotive palettes of colour on the canvas.

She hopes to convey a sense of psychological insight with a respect for human complexity. She paints whom she sees in the manner of their feelings recolouring everything dark into vibrant colours. Her main goal is to set relations between the colours she uses on canvas to create harmony between them. The artist desires to represent a world of pure and truthful souls portrayed against the dull and grey reality of ordinary life.

In April 2022 Karina had her first solo exhibition at the Camden Image Gallery in London. Her work can be found in private collections across the world as well as at the biggest auction house in Warsaw, Poland, Desa Unicum as well as in Galleries in New York, USA.

Prior to her artistic endeavours, Karina published her literary debut “Tomorrow” by Miniatura Publishing House in Krakow in 2015. This was also the start of her artistic journey with multiple sketches and drawings combined to create the villain character “Spideath” as a result of a graphic novel “Spideath Kamikaze Mission” she wrote, illustrated and published in Detroit, the USA in 2018.

Karina Zajac
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