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The Art World, being a rapidly growing online art gallery operating internationally, is a reputed art curator upon which one can comfortably bank on. It serves both the art enthusiasts and art collectors alike while featuring artworks from some of the most renowned and talented artists from around the world, The Art World strives to bring the best selection of artwork as it curates its range of available art works from both established and budding artists. On the other side, The Art World also strives to provide a platform for talented artists to showcase their unique and inspiring artwork to a global audience. The gallery is founded by entrepreneur Jaydeep Hedau,

Based in Gujarat, India.

Buying an art from The Art World is also made very simple and intuitive. One can browse and choose the artwork that he/she likes and can order the same without much hassle directly from The Art World's website. The Art World also offers worldwide shipping on all orders and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The Art World promotes emerging and established artists, within the framework of the international art scene. Through the Instagram platform and digital exhibitions, the gallery offers the necessary support for the constant growth of artists, based on the goal of training a new generation of talents. With our work we help the Artist to make their creations known to a wider audience and to create a direct market with international collectors and lovers of art.

When it comes to the team behind The Art World, Jaydeep Hedau is the founder of theartworld, as he brings his vast experience in entrepreneurship. Kunj Bhavsar is a CEO of The Art World with over 7 years of experience in the art industry and entrepreneurship. Aditya Rajgor is the Art Director, responsible for selecting the art pieces that are featured on the website. Harshil Gajjar is the Creative Director, bringing his unique vision and style to the site. With their individual excellence and collective efforts The Art World has become extremely popular as within a very short span of time, it secured more than 1 million followers on its Instagram handle.

The Team

Behind The Successful Online Art Gallery

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Jaydeep Hedau


Jaydeep Hedau is the founder of The Art World

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Kunj Bhavsar


Kunj Bhavsar is the CEO of The Art World

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Aditya Rajgor.jpg

Aditya Rajgor

Art Director

Aditya Rajgor is the art director of The Art World

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Harshil Gajjar

Creative Director 

Harshil Gajjar is the Creative Director  of The Art World

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Kanji Veer

​Sr Sales Manager

Kanji Veer is the ​Sr Sales Manager of The Art World

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Rajpar Gadhavi

Sr Sales Executive

Rajpar Gadhavi is the Sr Sales Executive  of The Art World

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