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Benjamin Soto (StylezArtz)

Realism/Abstract Popart Artist

Benjamin Soto know as "StylezArtZ" was born in 1995 in Torrington, Wyoming. Alongside his first drawings, he began fashion designing right after high school. Benjamin wanted to create a clothing brand that would have more than one style. He then named his first clothing brand StyleZ. From designing fashion to sketching portraits he began to branch off from clothing and began painting his first Masterpieces.

Benjamin is a self taught Artist now living in New Mexico. "As an artist, I spend long hours of time alone. Working on artwork is like a meditative experience. On one hand, I am totally focused on the task. On the other, I am able to witness and observe my thoughts passing without any engagement with them. I think being comfortable in your aloneness is important for everyone. For me it has given me an even greater chance to really focus on my art, question why am I producing and to be as authentic as I can. I thrive in my own space and want to use this time to create the best artwork I can."

Benjamin is an oil based artist & mainly focuses on Realism & Abstract PopArt. He has exhibited his Masterpiece's in New Mexico, Texas & Florida. The Artist has worldwide connections and private collectors.

Benjamin Soto (StylezArtz)
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